The help you make

A few weeks ago we decided that instead of funding our annual scholarship that was started 3 years ago to honor out deceased dog, we wanted to help schools or individual teachers get some of the books, pads, pencils and school projects by funding those instead.

So far, we have been able to start helping teachers and students in need. Here is our original posting, and feel free to use the there link to seek the help you need.

We don’t have a lot of money to put into this, and may indeed begin asking friends and family to step up and help us fund these schools, but for now, we remain dedicated to helping teachers keep their classes functioning.

So, if you’re a teacher, follow the link and just ask. If you’re a person with some cash and want to help, use the link below. Just for the record, we will use our own money to fund these projects, but it’s pretty obvious to us at this point, that we could help a lot more teachers and students if we had more cash on hand.

To be clear, any money anyone donates will go towards teachers and classroom supplies, every last penny. We don’t want or need any money from this project, so we can guarantee every single cent will go to fund schools, teachers and students. There is no overhead or hidden expenses. We will offer full transparency on where the money is spent, how much and what it was used for. Simple.


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