Healthy living

A recent report showed that people using food stamp programs spend ten percent of their purchase dollar on sugar infused drinks.

When we lived in a down and out area of Pittsburgh one of the constants we saw in the nearby corporate Giant Eagle supermarket was the entire shopping baskets filled with Mountain Dew or some other worthless drinking product. When you would line up behind one of these carts and the person paying for these would often use a SNAP benefits card to pay for these plastic bottles of toxic waste.

SNAP programs were designed to help people living in poverty with additional money specifically for food purchases. What is sad is that the soda lobbying forces have always been successful is stifling any attempt to forbid people from purchasing unhealthy foods and drinks. So what you end up with is people making stupid dietary decisions, which in the long run will cost the taxpayer again when sugar filled beverages do what they were intended to do, cause obesity and heart damage.

I have never understood why American companies choose profits over health. Fast food companies could serve real food, healthier food, better food. They make a choice not too. Uninformed or uncaring consumers make a choice too, they will spend their dollars for cheap food products without thinking of the long term internal damage of those choices.

It does not take more effort to choose to be informed on healthy choices. It does not take a lot of effort to make healthy foods, or drink sugar free drinks. Millions make those same choices for every meal. Sure, some people are on the go all day and never have time to make a meal, much less give it enough thought on what they choose to put in their bodies. For those people I ask, how did your decision making process get so discombobulated? Without health and well being, what are we presenting to the world?


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