This season

Usually as spring rolls over our snow capped farm we are excited and happy. Obviously this year is a little different, but not by much. The ground is getting prepped and the plants are filling rooms in our house as they all begin to bloom.

We will update over the next few days with our latest plans, because as with almost everyone else in the world right now, we are changing, adapting and learning to dance to a new rhythm. Certainly we’ll have flowers and vegetables available, but as of today, we are working exactly how that will look.

If you can, if you’re able, get out and enjoy some sunshine, maybe prep a bed for a victory garden of your own and let’s weather this storm stronger, healthier and with the right sense of purpose.

We are excited to share the layout and crops we are growing here at 328North Farm for the 2020 season.  Our growing area is broken down to two sections, front and back.  Check out our expansion and the exciting new varieties we are adding to the homestead this year.  Thank you to all of those who continue to support our efforts of living a sustainable life.


2020 Garden Plan

Winter 2020

There is snow and ice on the ground, the garden a sheet of dangerous but beautiful stillness and we are busy looking at seed catalogs.

The secret, one of many, to a big healthy summer garden is the behind the scenes work that must get done in the middle of winter. Mostly though, we spend some time reading and creating other projects, because come early spring we will be in the mud building out our garden once again.

2018 Homestead

Spring has finally arrived here in the Northern Berkshires. It’s been a whirlwind Fall and Winter here at 328North, but we’re geared up and excited for this year’s growing season.  Our first fall here, in 2014, we built the first three garden boxes; where we planted the asparagus and garlic.  Spring 2015Nothing was more exciting than seeing the first spears of asparagus and garlic peak through the dirt!

We are entering our fourth growing season here and I’ve never been more excited! The past three seasons have presented us with many rewards and challenges, which have lead us to be more successful.  The most valuable lesson I’ve learned has been about the varieties of vegetables and herbs will do best in my climate. Because of these lessons learned,  Mother Earth has given an abundance which allowed us to preserve, freeze, store, and share our harvests with our friends and neighbors.

Winter is always a time to contemplate and plan for the coming season.  Because of our success in saving seeds last year, we have an abundance I’ve been able to swap with other growers nationwide.  Seedlings have been started indoors and the greenhouse has been cleaned and prepped for incoming plants.

We’re always trying to figure out ways to make our homestead more successful for us.  A tree fell on our large coop last year and we haven’t rebuilt it yet.  IMG_0545Because we added twenty-five chicks to our remaining flock of six hens, we have decided to rebuilt the coop beyond the berry patch and fruit orchard.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 4.31.02 PMThere are many changes to our homestead this year and we wanted to share our progress.  The three links below are for each section of our homestead.  If you would like the a tour, and/or interested in any starter plants, contact either one of us.

Happy Spring!

Matt & Tu

Section 1

Section 2 

Section 3.