3rd Anniversary

It’s always nice to take step back and appreciate the work that the two of us have accomplished in three years.  So proud of our little homestead!



August 2017


August 2017


August 2014


August 2014



We’ve been busy here at 328North working on a lot of outdoor projects, but I’ve managed to get a jump start here in our zone 5a.  If there is any advice I can give to other gardeners is to PLAN.  Being organized and prepared allows us here to have food that last us through the next growing season.  We’ve been lucky enough to still be eating produce we’ve preserved, froze or have stored in the cellar.  Here are some of our seedlings, starts, and perennials we have coming up so far.




Asparagus (planted 2014)


purple magnolia snap pea


Thom Thumb peas (bush)


Magestic & Laxton’s Progress peas (vine/shell)



Elephant garlic




German purple garlic (hardneck)

IMG_0267 2

purple majestic Kohlrabi


California early garlic (soft neck)


Rhubarb (planted 2014)


Brussel Sprouts


Brunswick cabbage


Calabrese Broccoli




Radish (watermelon, cherry bell, French rose)


starts in the greenhouse


Tomatoes (Yellow Icicle)


lemongrass (planted 2015)


Poem of the day

“Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were a very notorious couple of cats.
As knockabout clowns, quick-change comedians,
Tight-rope walkers and acrobats
They had an extensive reputation.

When the family assembled for Sunday dinner,
With their minds made up that they wouldn’t get thinner
On Argentine joint, potatoes and greens,
And the cook would appear from behind the scenes
And say in a voice that was broken with sorrow
“I’m afraid you must wait and have dinner tomorrow!
For the joint has gone from the oven like that!”
Then the family would say: “It’s that horrible cat!
It was Mungojerrie – or Rumpleteazer!” –
And most of the time they left it at that.

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer had a wonderful way of working together.
And some of the time you would say it was luck
And some of the time you would say it was weather.
They would go through the house like a hurricane,
And no sober person could take his oath
Was it Mungojerrie – or Rumpleteazer?
Or could you have sworn that it mightn’t be both?

And when you heard a dining room smash
Or up from the pantry there came a loud crash
Or down from the library came a loud ping
From a vase which was commonly said to be Ming
Then the family would say: “Now which was which cat?
It was Mungojerrie! And Rumpleteazer!”
And there’s nothing at all to be done about that!” -T.S. Eliott

Days Like These

The party that became so powerful by sinking
foreign boats
Is dreaming up new promises because promises
win votes
And being resolute in conference with the
ad man’s expertise
The majority by their silence shall pay for days like these

The right to build communities is back behind
closed doors
‘Tween government and people stands the right arm
of the law
And shame upon the patriot when the mark of the
Bulldog Breed
Is a family without a home and a pensioner in need

Those whose lives are ruled by dogma are waiting
for a sign
The Better Dead Than Red Brigade are listening on the line
And the liberal, with a small L cries in front of the TV
And another demonstration passes on to history
Peace, bread, work, and freedom is the best we
can achieve
And wearing badges is not enough in days like these

-Billy Bragg

“Days Like These” EP release in 1985